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The stander is an assistive device that provides a person with limited mobility alternative positioning by supporting the person in the standing position
Alternative names: standing frame,a stand, stander, standing technology, standing aid, standing device, standing box, tilt table.



Alternative names: special needs stroller, child carrier, special needs carrier.


Car Seat

Alternative names: Car safety seat, Special needs car seat, Special needs child seat.



AFO – Ankle Foot Orthotics
SMO - Supra Malleolar Orthosis


Bath Seat/Chair

Alternative names: : Bath chair, bathing chair, shower chair, shower seat



Alternative names: Pediatric walker, Special needs walker, gait trainer


High and Low chair

The High and Low chair is an adaptive seating equipment for children/adults with complex positioning needs.

Alternative names: High/Low Seating, high-low Chair


Off road stroller

The Off Road Stroller is a version of special needs stroller that can roll on trails or sand


Neck Brace

The neck brace is a medical device that supports a person’s neck
Alternative names: Cervical Collar