MCT8 - AHDS Foundation

Welcome to the Allen Heron Dudley Syndrome (AHDS) Research and Treatment Program. AHDS is a rare condition that is not well recognized by physicians. The AHDS is caused by a mutation in the thyroid hormone transporter MCT8 (monocarboxylate transporter 8). Abnormal thyroid hormone levels during different stages of life cause a variety of physical and cognitive impairments.
This site is a gateway to furthering the understanding of AHDS towards treatment, and intended for use by AHDS families, doctors and researchers. It is also a portal for the international TRIAC trial. The site is supported by the Sherman Foundation, AHDS/MCT8 Support Forum and the Erasmus Medical Center.
For AHDS families and their treating doctors it is a source of valuable information about AHDS and possible treatment options, facilities, the latest scientific publications and events. For researchers it provides a forum for collaboration that is so essential for advancing scientific investigations. We believe that a cure will happen quicker if families and doctors are empowered and if researchers are connected. 
We hope that you find this website useful and welcome feedback to [email protected]

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